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Qubool Hai 04th October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan asks zoya if she’s sure that he can sleep here. zoya says that she’s allowing due to the unavoidable circumstances. ayan complies. They both lie down. Zoya finds huge posters of salman khan, and asks if he’s a fan. Ayan and zoya get into a childish fight about who’s a bigger fan of Salman Khan, while each praising themselves for the biggest fan and telling incidents about how they were crazy about Salman Khan. They both start discussing about their knowledge of Salman Khan, and his films and songs. They are all downing and teasing the other. Zoya says that he cant look like salman khan, and reminds him how asad has impersonated salman once. ayan takes the credit for that too. They both break into their impromptu poetry.
Ayan’s poetry:
Gud Looks, attitude and body ki jo ho Khan…
Wahi Ayan Ahmed Khan hai, Bhopal ke Salman Khan.

Zoya’s poetry:
Jo petanimals na pal ke pale misunderstanding, like an Ullu…
Aur khud ko samajhte ho Sallu….
They both start cribbing about each other poetic sense too, and then drift off to sleep fighting.

The next morning, asad is chating with zoya on the webcam, where she says that she feels very lonely, without him here. Shirin knocks and comes in announcing that some relatives have come here to see her, after their marriage’s news. Zoya agrees to go. Shirin asks her to change the dress. Zoya says that this isnt a ritual. Shirin tells zoya, clad in jeans and Tshirt, that not even the daughters of this house, wear such clothes, let alone Bahus. Zoya insists that this isnt a formal ritual and says that she has always worn these.Shirin says that she used to, and not now as she is the bahu of this house. Badi bi comes and asks zoya to agree, as if she gopes like this, then they wont compliment, but would see what she has worn and then start talking. She asks why give them that chance. Badi bi asks her to go change. Zoya thinks that its just a matter of six days, and hence agrees to change and goes inside. She thinks that till nikhat’s marriage is done, she cant tell them that she isnt here for more than six days.

After having met the ladies, ayan and zoya are cribbing about their irritating relatives, and start imitating the relatives, and make fun of them. She is happy that she can finally come back in her clothes. But she is irritated when nuzrat comes in announcing the arrival of some more ladies who have come to see her.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s Residence
Asad remembers and smiles at his romantic encounters with zoya, seeing the rain.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 3:
Location: Imran’s residence
Imran compliments nazma’s earrings. She says that zoya gifted her. Imran grows tensed hearinmg zoya’s name. She asks what happened. he says that they should sleep as its late. Nazma is confused and goes to ask him why he turned silent all of a sudden, when she mentioned zoya. Imran remembers zoya’s advise. He tries to talk again, but haseena interrupts them. She asks nazma if she has purchased the dress for nikhat’s wedding. Nazma says that she did. Haseena asks her to show and she complies. She takes out the box, and shows it to haseena, who finds that its worth 50,000. she compliments dilshad’s choice. Nazma says that imran selected it. She grows angry thinking that imran spent so much for the dress. hasena says that this isnt nice and it has to be returned. Nazma says that she just said that she liked it. Haseena says that nikhat’s complexion isnt fair, and hence she would return it and get a better dress at a better bargain. she takes it hurriedly and leaves. Nazma is in tears, imran asks if she’s okay. She says that she’s fine and thought that haseena would like it. She asks what was he trying to say. He diverts her atention. She leaves. Imran thinks that he shouldnt tell nazma anything about tanveer.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s office and tanveer’s place
While asad too is counting the days when he would be back with zoya, he ses a photo of tanveer’s and asad’s escapade is delivered in his email, disturbing him. Tanveer calls up to ask if he likes the pics. Asad asks what kind of a sick joke is this. tanveer says that this is her love, and asks him not to get angry at memories of her pious love. she says that what if she sent it to the media, instead of him. Asad asks her to shut up. Tanveer says that this is his final chan ce to accept him, or else this would be in the media next day, and then he would be in pain. asad asks if she thinks that she can blackmail him. Tanveer says that it may be her trap, but the world doesnt know it, and that this pic would speak volumes for itself. Asad says that he doesnt care what the world thinks. She teases him on his anger, and that the pic was just to rejuvenate the memories, and to remind him that his destiny is with her. Asad says that his destiny only has one name, Zoya. She cancels the phone in disgust. She thinks that asad is highly naive to understand the situation and that she has many other ways to get him to agree.

Scene 5:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is cribbing that she cant do this anymore, and not be traditionally dressed all the time, badi bi comes in. Badi bi gives her jewellery for nikhats’ haldi ceremony. Zoya says that she has enough. Badi bi says that she is their bahu and would be given jewellery naturally. Zoya says that this is very heavy and she isnt used to this. Badi bi says that she would get used to this, and that after all she is the bahu of this house. Zoya is very angry that she isnt the bahu, and that they should stop calling and treating her like that. she says that she isnt the bahu as it all happened unintentionally and was a mistake. Badi bi says that she feels like this. She asks her to wonder. Badi bi tels zoya that on that fateful night, both ayan and her coulod have gone anywhere, anytime, but they both landed on the same place at the same time, and that too in such a place where the priest was performing communal marriage. She tels zoya that this isnt co incidence but destiny. Zoya is tensed and begins introspecting badi bi’s words. zoya says that she doesnt believe in destiny and that noone wanted this to happen. Badi bi says that destiny doesnt play according to people’s wish, and that she is now ayan’s wife and the bahu of this house, as destiny has announced, and that she should stop fighting it now, and that this is true that they are married now, and she cant turn away from that. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face, hearing that.

Precap: Zoya asks humaira to forget about all this as a bad dream. Humaira says that she may be Ayan’s first love, but how canm she forget that zoya is ayan’s first wife. Zoya tells humaira that if both of them have loved truly, then they should trust themselves that everything would be alright. She says that not just these seven days, sevene lives also wont come in between these love stories.

Saraswatichandra 4th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad and Kumud going to the mandir. Kalika watches them while hiding from their sight, Kalika pulls Kumud’s leg and makes her fall. Pramad holds Kumud’s hand and saves her. He falls on the stairs rolling down. Kumud shouts Pramad, are you fine. He says I m fine, but how did you slip. Kumud says that beggar…. and sees there is no one. Kumud says Pramad you got much hurt. He says I m fine, are you fine. She says yes, you have saved me. Kumud says we will come next time, you are unable to walk. She says lets go home. Pramad says we will do the darshan. Kumud insists and supports him to walk and takes him home. Kalika sees them leaving and says the Lord is with you and its certain but I swear that I will snatch everything from you Kumud.

Kusum tells Saras if we say no for this marriage, then many questions will be born, so we should say yes infront of Pramad. Kumud comes and says one more lie. Saras says Kusum is right. Kusum says we don’t have any other option. Kumud says I will tell everything to Pramad, he is changing. She says I saw in his eyes. Saras says fine, but I want to say let him change completely, then tell him. Kumud says let me handle this, I want to tell the truth to Pramad. Kumud leaves.

Kumud comes to Pramad and Saras tries to stop her. Kumud tells Pramad that I want to talk to you. Pramad says one minute, I want to give you a surprise. He shows his family. Kumud is shocked to see Budhidhan, his wife and Alak. Pramad’s mum says Pramad called us, we were ready to come here as we were missing you and came here to celebrate the festival. Kumud greets them and smiles. Alak says this was Pramad’s idea. Vidyachatur welcomes them and says this Navratri will be auspicious for us.

Pramad says I have called the famous Dandiya Mandli. Budhidhan tells Vidyachatur that I m proud to say Kumud is my bahu and Pramad’s wife. Saras and Kusum looks on. Kumud looks at Saras and he leaves. Kalika is standing outside Kumud’s house and says Kumud you and your Saraswatichandra will remember this Navratri, this is Kalika’s promise.

Danny comes and sees Kalika. He does not know her and asks who she is. Saras is coming to them and wonders why is Pramad doing this. He says Lord give me one sign. Danny asks Kalika whats her name and what work she has here. Saras is coming towards them and calls Danny. Saras says I need to talk to you. Kalika leaves till then. Danny tells Saras that there was a girl and she left suddenly. Vidyachatur is playing chess with Pramad and losing to him. Badimaa comes and tells Vidyachatur you have to go to bring Mata’s idol. Vidyachatur wins over Pramad. Badimaa says won’t you give Nek to Pramad. Vidyachatur says sure and gives him his gold chain. He makes Pramad wear it. Kumud and Saras see this.

Vidyachatur says I bless you. He says we want to forget everything and forgive Kumud if she did anything, Pramad says I did mistakes and Kumud is always on the right path and made me also walk on the right path. Kumud thinks Pramad will surely understand her. Pramad says I will bring the idol. He acts very sweet and says Kumud works in our house and now its my turn. Kumud thinks how should I tell Pramad. Vidyachatur asks Pramad to take his car. Pramad says no, I will go by foot as I m going to bring Ambe Maa but an idol. Everyone are happy.

Pramad is in the market and Saras is following him. Budhidhan praises Guniya’s prepared food. Kumud is lost in thoughts. Everyone praises Kumud. Kumud thinks their love is making me feel that I should not hide the truth from Pramad as he is bring a good husband now. Budhidhan sees Kumud tensed and asks whats the matter, what are you thinking. He says I have always supported you. She says yes, maybe I was right till now, if I do any mistake, will you be able to forgive me. Budhidhan says I think you can’t make any mistake, and if you do, then I will forgive you. Kumud hugs him. He says you are my daughter. Saras is after Pramad and Kalika is after Saras. Pramad asks the vendor where would be get the Mata’s idol. Pramad sees Saras and asks Naveen you, were you following me. Saras says why would I follow you, I came to help you.

Pramad says ok come. Kalika sees Pramad with Saras and I will expose them infront of Ambe Maa, then see what happens. Pramad and Saras comes home with the idol. Saras says maybe Kumud is right, Pramad is really changing and when he knows I m Saraswatichandra, if he becomes the old Pramad again…. Saras tells Pramad that don’t hurt Kumud, she is a pure hearted woman, remember this. Pramad nods yes and says lets go inside. Kalika comes near the gate with a knife and says I have also done the arrangements for the evening, no one can save Kumud from me today.

Saras thinks about Kumud and sees her. Kumud looks at him while he is on the terrace. Kuch Na Kahe…. Bas Chup Rahe…. plays….. He thinks how Kumud once danced in the rain. Kumud and Saras talk heart to heart. Kumud says she has to tell everything to Pramad. He says its happening because of me. She says no, don’t blame yourself, I have to tell the truth. He says I don’t trust Pramad. She says you trust me right…. He says yes, always. She says then let me do my fight. Kumud leaves.

Kumud tells Pramad that Naveen is Saraswatichandra to whom she got engaged. Budhidhan also hears this.

Jodha Akbar 4t October 2013 Written update

Scene 1
jalal says to snake what wrong thing i have done to you because of you my wife brusted on me, you touched my begum which even i am not allowed, i saved you from my begum because when you attack man dies one time only but when my wife attacks man dies many times. Jalal throws him away and says to jodha that i was not trying to touch you but some smell make me feel the presence of danger and some smell put me in danger. Jodha thanks him for saving her life jalal says if didnt save that snake then people will accuse my wife of his death. Jodha tries hide her smile from him jalal says i joked so you can laugh openly and lays down on his place with back to jodha, she smiles broadly. Both are smiling jodha looks up at him whether he is sleeping or not, jalal says no need to worry i will keep my promise, i will not come there jodha ask how you get to know what i am thinking, do you have eyes on back of your head also jalal says i need to be atentive all the time.

Scene 2
jalal comes out that man who came in their tent and says i know you came here to kill my wife jodha but i will not kill you because i am on a pure way to ajmer. Voiceover- jalal’s company is on way to ajmer and jodha was imbarressed that she scolded jalal without any reason.

Scene 3
jalal comes to fakir sahab and greets him. He sees some jewelry with fakir sahab and ask what is this fakir says in village people are dying because of hunger they need our assistance so i am collecting fund, he jalal for some help jodha comes forward and is removing her jewelry when jalal stops her and ask her to go back to her place. She thinks what kind of a king he is? People are dying, he is doing nothing, even not allowing others to do something. Jalal gives his jewelry and says queen doesnt look good without jewelry secondly my jewelry is expensive then hers. Preecp. He says i am going to ajmer there is no king in front of him fakir says but it doesnt look good without turban and make him wear of some cloth.

Scene 4
jodha’s soul says i was angry when you didnt allow me to give jewelry. Jalal’s soul speaks i was angry too i was jalal at that time not akbar, mariam zamani. Jodha says we didnt know in our furious state that new way for us had open in ajmer.

Scene 5
jodha and jalal reaches ajmer sharif, priest says it looks good when a king come here without his turban like a common man and blesses them. Jalal prays and says to jodha that here we pray with high head not low. If you dont want to pray then its ok jodha says i want to, i have listened about him a lot, many peoply from many place come here to pray here, he seems very close to god so i will. Priest appreciate her and says may god fills your life. Jalal prays, jodha looks at him and prays in his manner. Jalal keep looking at her while praying (qwali plays in background). They both get up from one side and prays on other side. Priest says i pray you both develop a strong bond, may god give you a heir soon, jalal’s soul speak i didnt know priest’s wish will come true. jalal says from today our way was started. He offers her petal and says eat this parsad jodha eats. they both ties a thread, Jodha prays to gharib nawaz that jalal has taken everything from me so give me one chance to teach him a lesson, jalal ask what you prayed? Jodha says no one share prayers jalal says but if you ask me i will definitely tell you. Jodha ask what? He says i have taken many things from you so i prayed that god fullfils your every wish , also you came here for the 1st time so i want to give you full chance. Jodha says i also want my wish to come true its good you wished for me. They leaves from there.

Scene 6
Jalal and jodha are listening to qawali. Jodha looks at him and thinks for the 1st time i have seen different side of jalal who is not arrogant and has respect for god. I am really stunned to see this side of him, he claims that he has no heart but i have listened heart beat in him. Jalal enjoys qawali and joins their dance for god. Jodha’s soul speak that for 1st time i have seen different jalal who had heart beats, jalal’s soul speaks when distance between god and man vanishes then he become close to him. I was also very close to god that day so i forgot that i was a king thats why people says come close to god to get peace.

Scene 7
Jalal tells the commander that he and Jodha will go for shikaar next day. Jodha and Jalal have a face off about shikar being shauk and aadat VS nirdosh praniyon ko maarna ek manoranjan.

Scene 8
In the forest, both again start fighting again, she tells him that she was the one who spoilt the shikaar of deer earlier when he and Ruks had gone hunting. Jalal finally orders her to keep quiet as it will alert the animals. He watches and tells that there is some danger lurking around. He gets ready with the gun and there is a tiger coming towards them.

Precap– Jalal is trainiing his guns, Jodha comes up with a mashaal and tells him that there is no gunpowder. Jalal is furious on hearing this.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Qubool Hai 27th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Razia is asked by mamu why’s she so insistent to send him to indore. She says that he has to do his work, while she manages it here, and if the need arises then he would be acleld back. Mamu leaves agreeing to go. Razia thinks that now one problem is solved, and that he would stay out for some days, and she may find out the way to send zoya out of this house.

At the dining table, rashid sees zoya, and asks her to come and have tea. But she refuses. Rashid again stops her, and says that he understands her pain and discomfort, but she can honour thier friendhsip by having a cup of tea with him. she complies. They sit down to have tea. rashid asks about sugar, and she is taken back to the incident, where asad and zoya were bickering about sugar content in the tea, and how dilshad got them to confess that despite their differences they are meant for each other. she gets gloomy remembering that. rashid tells her that she would know everyone very soon. zoya says that she doesnt want to stay back. Rashid thanks her for saving his daughter’s life. He says that he didnt expect this, and that she is very sad, but hew ont let her have any problems in this house. zoya is still tensed. She is asked to trust her friend, if not ayan’s father. He asks her to tell him, if she needs anything, anytime.

Scene 2:
Location: Nazma’s residence
When nazma doesnt find anything in the kitchen, as all almirahs are locked, she asks the servant where’s everything as she wants to make tea. the servant tells her that if she feels like having tea, then they would have to get the stuff from Haseenabi. But nazma asks hr to let be, as she would have it later. Imran asks whats she doing here. She says that she wanted tea. But imran says that she shouldnt cook anything, as she’s the new bride. she should ask the servant to make for her. He tries to get romantic with her. He takes her outside the kitchen.

Nazma finds an ominous painting, and says that its a very strange painting and doesnt match with the room. Imran says that it was in haseena’s room, and she sent it here. She still asks if its strange to him too. Imran asks if she finds him too strange. Nazma smiles and hugs him. Meanwhile, haseena smirks from a distance.

Later, nazma asks for the dress and jewelleryt from haseena, and hasena greedily eyes them before giving it to nazma. haseena compliments that its very beautiful. She tells nazma that at such an ordinary function, why is she wearing such expenxive things. nazma says that this jewellery matches her dress. Haseena says that she’s very beautiful, and doesnt need jeweelery. seeing nazma go sad, she gives it to her. haseena again reminds her of the wedding dress and the jewellery. Nazma is hesitant, and haseena asks her to give it to her at peace. Nazma complies. after nazma leaves, haseena smirks

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
mamu tells razia that they have to tread very carefully, as already they have become the butt of joke in the society. just then, mamu and razia enter zoya’s room. Mamu says that she knows whats the sacrifice that she has made by marrying ayan. Meanwhile, razia eyes the music box, lying, and gets in the way to keep it out of sight. Mamu tells her that the rituals and practises of this house, are very different from what she is used to, and hence she should adapt herself to this house and its culture. mamu leaves from there, but then turns back to find the same music box lying in zoya’s stuff. Mamu eyes the music box and asks whats that, much to razia’s horror. But she is relieved when she finds that mamu is talking about clothes in zoya’s suitcase. Mamu takes a look at zoya’s suitcase and eyes the clothes that she wears, and asks how can she wear such dress, as that wouldnt be appropriate for the Bahu of this house. Zoya says that she wears such things only, and she doesnt find it inappropriate or bad at all. Razia seeing all of this is tensed too. As zoya tries to take off the jeans hiding the music box, razia diverst her attention and asks mamu to leave as he’s geting late. razia asks zoya not to argue with elders, and follow what is told. Razia asks him to hurry as he’s getting late. Masmu leaves, while zoya is tensed. Ayan comes in, and asks what happened. Zoya says that his family is treating as if she’s the bahu of this hosue forever. Zoya asks why hasnt he told that she’s here for just a few days, and ayan says that he hasnmt told as nikhat’s marriage date isnt fixed yet, and there are other issues too, but assures her that he would sort everything out. Ayan asks for some more time, and in the meanwhile asks her not to say anything to anyone. Zoya looks at him resignedly.

Nikhat asks nuzrat how’s ayan and zoya, and that she cant go there after whats happened, becuase of the guilt. Nuzrat asks her not to feel like that, as our siblings are very strong, and can overcome any trouble. She asks nikhat not to be tensed, as what would she do when she’s to go. She tells nikhat that her marriage still exists, due to haseena. Nikhat is angry at her too. She says that she might betray them anytime. shirin comes and says that today haseena gave a good news, and that haseena called and wants her marriage done asap, and are coming todsay for engagement. She asks nuzrat to get nikhat ready, while she finishes with the rest of the arrangemtns. She is shocked. Shirin asks her to smile as its her engagement today. she says that her tests are finally over, and everything would be alright now.

Zoya remembers asad’s betrayal and is sad. she gets asad’s call and is tensed. she cancels the call. Asad thinks that she should pick up the phone so that he can tell her that he would correct everything in some days. Zoya wonders why’s he calling, as he has done what he wanted to, and cancels his call again and again. Zoya says that she doesnt want to understand anything else, as he has already decided her fate, without even discussing it with her, and that there’s nothing more to hear. Hence she doesnt want to talk to him again. She says that she never expected this from him. the screen freezes on their sad faces.

Precap: Zoya comes out and confronts humaira, while ayan comes down, awkward at the discomforting situation, and stands beside zoya, much to humaira’s despair.

Jodha Akbar 27th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal is leaving the bazar when ruks comes and says you bought every color from jodha jalal says this is because to show her that her every color is under me. Maybe this is her last holi . Ruks laughs and says strange she sold colors to you. She gifts jalal a shawl and make him wear it. He thanks her and leaves.
Maham comes to ruks and tell her jalal bought all colors from jodha’s stall. ruks says to maham that the life of her is de colored by jalal so what will happen if jalal buys some colors from her.

Scene 2
Hamida says to jodha i am proud of you , you took part in meena bazar for me and everybody liked your stall and ask about jalal jodha says he bought all colors hamida is happy that he liked your stall. Jodha says my intention was different behind putting colors in my stall and tell her about holi hamida says i know about holi. When jalal was child i hide in some hindu palace and there i played holi with them. Jodha is excited that she knows about it jodha says to hamida that i dont want to destroy the rules of the palace and dont want to play holi with very much fun, I will play with hindu womens here. it is our religious festival i am attached to it and jalal has given me permission but You are my mother here so asking permission from you hamida allows her saying its your right and i am happy jalal is now understanding this. Jodha gifts her something when hamida ask are you leaving jodha thinks for a while and says i am your daughter so cant gift you randomly hamida blesses her.

Scene 3
maham is shouting on hindu servants what you think you will get off for today no you all will work. Nobody can deny my orders go and do your work. Other side in jodha’s room she sees colors and ask servant why these colors are here servant informs jalal has sent them here.she remembers holi in amer when suja said you will not remember us when you will play holi with your in-laws. Jodha comes out where all women are present. They are terrified to play because of maham jodha says maybe she doesnt know about jalal’s permission nothing will happen lets play all says because of you we can play holi for the 1st time here. Jodha applies colors on all womens . Reva applies color on her and runs jodha runs behind and throws color, suddenly maham comes and colors get thrown on her face. Jodha is shocked and says i didnt do it intentionally maham smears her face , gives a angry look to jodha and leaves. All are tensed as maham didnt said a word and left in anger.

Scene 4
Maham is looking herself in mirror. When resham comes with new suit maham throws it and says this color will remain like this go and tell that jodha intentionally did it. Outside jalal is with priest. He explains the importance of being a king to jalal that he should do justice according to his religion. Resham comes and informs that jodha put color on maham. He comes to her and is shocked to see her like this. Maham says jodha did this jalal says i allowed her because it was her right maham says then she should have played in her area why she was throwing colors in garden. She cries and says she did this intentionally, you know after my husband’s death i am wearing white color only but jodha spoiled my simplicity by putting this color on me. I would have killed myself there only but i couldnt as my loyalties are with you and kingdom but she disrespected me, my simplicity and my religion priest agrees with her jalal fumes and leaves. Maham wipes her tears.

Scene 5
Hamida is with other ladies who says this is wrong this shouldnt have done hamida says i know she did unintentionally lady says but she disrespected maham and our religion. Hamida says even unintentionally yes she did a big mistake.

Scene 6
in jodha’s room. women says to jodha we shouldnt have holi in garden mistake was our. Jodha says its not your mistake. It was mine i should have seen before throwing color. Jalal comes to jodha all are tensed , all leaves jalal is very much angry and throw all colors on ground jodha is stunned. Jalal says i allowed you to play holi because i thought it was your right and what you did made fun and disrespect of my religion. You hurt bari ami a lot. Jodha says i will deny anything and i am ready for any punishment. Jalal says punishment will be decided after talking with priest but in my point of view your biggest punishment will be that you go back to amer tomorrow itself he leaves jodha is saddened.

Scene 7
Maham comes to jodha . Jodha folds her hands and ask forgiveness from maham. Maham ask if your parents get to know about it will they forgive you? Jodha says no they will not and i am ready for any punishment maham says good as your mother menavati is here and has to announce your punishment jodha is stunned maham ask why stunned we are serving her very nicely here jodha says masa has come alone. Maham informs that jalal had sent a letter to amer so your mother has come to take you from here. I dont understand one thing like you are not interested in rules,regulations,tradition,religion of here i also dont understand your rules and traditions, in your tradition family of a girl dont go to their in-laws and don’t even drink there but your mother is here to take her daughter. you like to color the world tomorrow when jalal ask mena to take you away i will like to see your decolored face. jodha looks at her.

Precap- jalal says jodha is not in palace and ask hamida how can she not be seen in palace? He ask sharif to start searching for her everywhere. Jalal is leaving hamida ask where are you going he says i have to do something before things go out of control.

Saraswatichandra 27th September 2013 Writen update

The Episode starts with Saras seeing Pramad outside his room. Saras thinks how is Pramad so quiet and leaving without doing anything. Saras says the Pramad I know will not apologize, what happened really. Saras asks Kusum why did Kumud come back. Kusum says Pramad apologized. Saras says tell me in detail what happened in Ratnagiri. Kusum says Kumud decided to come back and I supported her, I can’t say anything more. She leaves.

Scene shifts to Pramad:

The next morning, Pramad wakes up in the hall. Pramad’s mum sees Pramad and asks Kumud why was Pramad sleeping here. Budhidhan says because Kumud wants to make him realize his mistakes which we should have done. He blesses Kumud and wishes Kumud succeeds in her goal. He asks where is Naveenchandra. Alak says don’t know, I did not see him. Alak leaves with Budhidhan.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud sees Pramad finding something in Kalika’s room. Saras is keeping an eye on him. Pramad says where can be the wine in Kalika’s room. Kumud watches Pramad too. Pramad gets the wine and drinks it while Saras and Kumud are seeing him. Pramad stops and says no. He throws the wine outside the window. Kumud smiles and Saras is shocked to see this change in Pramad. Kumud looks at Saras with relieve and leaves. Saras thinks did he really not have wine.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan:

Pramad’s mum brings tea for Budhidhan and asks him are you fine with this. She says Pramad did not do the right thing with Kumud, but this is not right to keep him away from his room. Budhidhan takes Kumud’s side and says how can Kumud forget it so soon. Pramad’s mum takes Pramad’s side. Budhidhan says what will you do if anyone does the same with your daughter, he says you don’t regard Kumud as your daughter, this is the difference, your son has hurt Kumud and this punishment is very less. Pramad’s mum is sad seeing Pramad’s state. She tries to make it an issue that her son slept on the sofa. Budhidhan answers her well.

Scene shifts to Pramad:

Pramad comes to his mum and asks for food. Saras is still watching Pramad. Kumud and Pramad’s mum are happy to see the change in Pramad. Pramad’s mum praises Kumud and blesses her. Kumud thanks the Lord. She says now I believe that you are with me, I want something for Pramad, make him be strong willed so that he is away from wine. Saras comes and prays. He leaves seeing Kumud. Alak comes to Kumud and says your sister called. |

Scene shifts to Danny:

Danny is on the way and says I have to go back to take the charger. Some people ask for Vidyachatur’s house and Danny gives him life. Danny comes to know that Vidyachatur is selling his car for some money.

Scene shifts to Kumari:

Kumud asks Kumari to take rest. Kumud asks is dad at home. Kumari says he is not at home. Kumud asks her is everything fine at home. Kumari says yes. Kumud says Kusum is with me, so if anything happens there, you should call me and inform me. Kumari agrees and says Badimaa is calling her and cuts the call. Kumud says even Kumari did not tell me, but I should help them.Guniyal praises Kumari for not telling Kumud anything.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is on the terrace taking out her saree stuck somewhere. Saras sees her and helps her. Kumud says it will take some time but he will surely change. He says not so soon, do you have the guts to bear everything again. She says yes, will you support me. He says I can’t leave you but I can’t see you again like that. Pramad comes and tells Saras that I will come with you for dad’s work. Saras agrees and says ok, I have to talk to you.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras and Pramad are on the way. Saras says its good that you brought Kumud back but how did she agree. Pramad asks for water saying he is feeling thirsty. Saras stops the car and leaves. Saras buys a water bottle and sees Pramad missing from the car. He looks around and wonders where did Pramad go. He says I knew this he would do something. He tries calling Pramad but could not connect. Budhidhan calls Saras. Saras says what shouls I tell him now. Budhidhan asks where are you. Saras says we are reaching soon.

Scene shifts to Danny:

Danny comes back to Vidyachatur’s house. Kumari says why did you come again. He says I came to take the charger. Danny tells Kumari that Vidyachatur is selling his car. He asks whats the problem, as I really want to help you.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras gets Budhidhan’s call again. He says its evening now, where are you, is everything fine. Saras tells him that Pramad went somewhere and I m trying to find him. Budhidhan says what.

Budhidhan and Saras comes home. Pramad’s mum asks where is Pramad. Budhidhan says he left midway and don’t ask us where he is. He gets angry. Pramad comes home in a drunk state. Kumud is shocked. Budhidhan scolds Pramad and says Kumud started the day by bringing brightness but you are ending the day by bringing the bad darkness. Budhidhan leaves in anger. Pramad reacts to his words. Kumud says be careful, sit here. Saras looks on. Kumud asks Murakh Das to take Pramad to the room.

Saras helps Murakh Das and they both take Pramad inside. Kumud follows them. Pramad stops at the door thinking about Kumud’s words. He leaves. Saras says I should have not left him alone. Kumud says its ok, and goes after Pramad.

Scene shifts to Budhidhan:

Budhidhan says I don’t think Pramad will change. Kumud comes and speaks in Pramad’s favour. Budhidhans ays do you still think he will change. Kumud says yes, he needs our help.
She says you need to show him your love. Budhidhan says how. She says by making his assets back on his name. Saras is shocked. Pramad’s mum is happy listening this.

Budhidhan asks Saras is it right to do what Kumud is doing. Saras says we should give some time to Pramad to see will he be able to change or not. Kumud looks on.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mahabharat 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Dritrashtra fighting with many elephants in a contest ground. He is able to put the elephant down with one hand. Every one is happy at his show of strength and is cheering him. He chains the elephants and runs towards them to kick them all together. Suddenly he feels as if someone has helped him. He asks who has helped him. Its Pandu his younger brother

Dhritrashtra says that he does not need anyone’s help. He does not need everyone to keep reminding him that he is blind

Scene changes and Dhritrashtra is in a room. Pandu comes there and Dhritrashtra says has he come to again remind him about his blindness. Pandu says no he has come to meet his brother Then Pandu looks at the throne and says that this throne has been vacant for too long and time has come that Dhritrashtra will sit on it as he is elder

At that time Vidur comes and says that is capability which decides who should sit ion the throne and not who is elder. He also says that if something is said before time it has no meaning. Vidur goes

Dhritrashtra says that Vidur is jealous because they are sons of queens and he is a child of a Dasi. Pandu contradicts him politely and says that Vidur is not jealous and we are all children of the same father. Rajmata and Tatshri B Bheeshma consider him part of this family. And he has a good quality that he doesn’t consider sweet talking while considering the truth. Dhritrashtra says this is not a quality. Harsh words can sound insulting. Pandu says truth can only isult those who have untruth in there heart but your heart has nothing but trust in it so you should not feel insulted. You should only be happy.

Dritrashtra says he has lived with unhappiness all his life. He is not confidant of his next step.Every foot movement brings fear. Now he will be truly happy only when he becomes king.

Just then a servant brings in a letter. Pandu reads it and says that actually you need a wife who will reduce your loneliness and be with you like your eyes. Then you will not feel under confidant

Rajmata Satyavati and Bheeshma have chosen Gandhari the princess of Gandhar for you. She is beautiful has very good attributes, and is blessed to have a 100 sons. You are lucky to have her

Dhritrashtra says that she is lucky to be chosen to be the queen of Hastinapur

Lord Krishna says that everyone is born with a limitation. is there anyone who is perfect? So is it right to all the time worry about that limitation and devlop an inferiority complex because of it?

At Gandhar the kind and the queen are sad. They took the decision to marry Gandhari to Dhritrashtra out of fear of Bheeshma and the huge army of Hastinapur. The kind says how will we tell Gandhari. The queen says that let her destiny face her itself

The kind says how we will tell our son Shakuni. He loves his sister a lot. He will never accept her marriage to a blind person

At a cliff Shakuni and a servant are handing by a rope. The servant says that the rope is not strong enough for both of them. Shakuni says ok let me leave the rope. The servant says no your life is precious. Shakini says ok you leave it. Servant is scared. Shakuni kicks him with his foot and he falls.

Shakuni tells his dad that he will take revenge on Hastinapur. He will manipulate them in such a way that their whole empire will crumble. For his sister he can achieve most impossible of tasks.

Qubool hai 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Ayan comes from the b athroom, preparing to sleep, while he sees zoya tensed. He asks her to sleep, but she refuses saying that she isnt feeling sleepy. He asks her to try while he leaves the room, to sleep outside. She eyes the ring, which asad had given her, and remembers the incident by which he had captured the moon, in the ring. She is sad. outside, ayan too is distraught, having humaira’s pic and thinking about humaira’s proposal to him, and confession of her love to him. Humaira too is stunned into sadness, tears flowing down yet, as she eyes the necklace with the pendant, that had her and ayan’s pic in it, and remembers ayan’s confession of his love for her.

Asad too enters his empty room, but hallucinates zoya sleeping, soundly. (Piya Aaye Naa)But finds that its empty actually, and is sad caressing the bed, where he pictured zoya asleep. But he cant stop hallucinating himself and zoya sitting together and enjoying and doing things together, and is distraught when those images disappear. He remembers zoya dressed as a bride, and telling him that she would never go away from him. All four people are shown to be distraught and sad, as their lives are engulfed in sadness.

The next morning, asad wakes up still teary eyed, finding zoya’s music box by the bedside. He opens and listens to the music. He also finds zoya’s tablet kept there too. Meanwhile, zoya too wakes up in ayan’s room, and does her morning prayers.After she’s done, she is folding the mat, when the door is knocked, and a servant comes in with a parcel and a letter. she is confused. she asks him to keep it inside, and he complies. after he leaves, she finds a letter from asad, saying that he’s sending some stuff of hers, without which she cant live. She clutches the letter, caressing the letter, tears flowing down her cheeks. (SAD MITWA) She opens the bag to find her father’s sketch, the old pic that she has of him, her tablet, and her music box, and gets emotional seeing this.

Later, Asad too in his house, gets a parcel from someone, with a letter. Its a letter from zoya, saying that she cant live without one thing and thats Him. She says that she finds these sympathies all the more fake, as had he actually cared for her, he would never have let her go so far away from him. Asad is worried and sad to read this.(MITWA SAD)

Zoya is distraught in her room. She is surfing through her stuff. meanwhile, mamu is searching around for the newspaper, unaware that zoya is actually holding a pic of him in her hand, while going through her stuff. Zoya remembers how she had been hopeful of seeing her father soon. She finds her music box, while mamu is busy reading the newspaper. she remembers how much she had been excited, at the prospect of finding this and her father too. Zoya opens the music box, thinking who can understand a daughter’s pain better thn her own father. Mamu leaves from there. But mamujaan while reading the newspaper, hears it and is surprised as to where the sound is coming from, and how did it come here, and who brought it. Zoya is unaware of this. Mamujaan frantically tries to find out about the source of the music. he increasingly approaches zoya’s room, where zoya is sad listening to the music. But just then, razia comes before he can see where the music is coming from, and asks whats he looking for. He talks about the music box. razia says that it must be playing somewhere around. He says that he lost itr in Jashne-eid, and wonders how did it come back. razia is shocked, and she turns back to find the music box in zoya’s hand. She makes an excuse saying that she must have mistaken the tune. But he insists that he had heard the right tune. She asks him to let go, as he’s very tensed and tired lately, and asks him to go and have some tea in peace. Mamu leaves, confused, while razia eyes zoya angrily. She thinks that she would have to find a way to keep him away from zoya, as she cant ever let this be known that he’s Zoya’s father, as that would spoil everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s and nazma’s residence
As asad expresses her anxiety to nzma if she’s fine, then dilshad asks him not to pamper her, as she may face difficult times but she would have to learn to adjust. Nazma remembers haseena’s greedy behaviour and ecides not to tell them, and assures them that she’s completely fine, and asks asad not to bother her. Dilshad agrees and says that everything would be alright in sometime. She would have to handle things on her own, without depending on her brother now. He asks how’s imran. She says that he’s very fine, and takes care of her. Dilshad asks her to use the proper mannerisms, by which she should address her husband. She complkies. dilshad says that without her, the house looks bare and they miss her, but they would have to learn to live without her. She says that this would be difficult, but if imran is with her, then she would manage, as a husband always takes care of his wife, and imran would do that too. both get emotional. They big goddbye, and cancel the phone. Dilshad thinks about zoya, and wonders who would take care of her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Seeing zoya tensed, ayan offers her water, or something else, but zoya responds curtly that she would take whatever she needs. Ayan says that this house is a stranger to her, and she wont be able to find her way out easily. Zoya says that she isnt habituated to easy things now. She gets up to leave to get something. Ayan says that he will get it for her. Zoya says that she would do it herself, as she may have been a bet in the two brothers’ generosity once, but that doesnt mean that she cant do anything on her own. she reminds him that she’s perfectly capable of doing so, and doesnt need his or his brother’s help. She leaves, while ayan is tensed. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Mamu takes a look at zoya’s suitcase and eyes the clothes that she wears, and asks how can she wear such dress, as that wouldnt be appropriate for the Bahu of this house. Zoya says that she wears such things only, and she doesnt find it inappropriate or bad at all. Razia seeing all of this is tensed too. mamu leaves from there, but then turns back to find the same music box lying in zoya’s stuff. Mamu eyes the music box and asks whats that, much to razia’s horror.

Jodha Akbar 26th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Jodha comes to hamida and greets her. Hamida is embroiding a suit jodha ask what is this hamida tells her and says every wife do something for their husband your mother do so also jodha nods hamida ask do you know the reason behind meena bazar jodha says to impress the king to get his attention hamida says when it was arranged first time the reason was big that was wives in palaces do not get to see the outside world so on this day they get the chance to see the sky actually wives buy their happiness on this day jodha is thoughtful.

Scene 2
Javeda is writing something on paper when maham comes she hides it maham ask what are you hiding javeda says i have something very special for meena bazar you will expand like rice of biryani maham ask whats that idea javeda rejects to tell it as wall can listen maham ask to show she says when walls can listen they can see it too. Javeda says about jodha leaving Maham says yes jodha is leaving and it is good that she is leaving as she has no interest in amer and happenings here its better she leaves javeda says i will miss her maham says so go with her to amer javeda says i will not leave you who will make sweets for you and i will not leave you till we go to heaven i will be there with you as well. Maham is irritated.

Scene 3
Jodha comes out and servant ask what happened hoshiyar is behind her jodha says i have to take part in meena bazar for sake of hamida servant ask what you will present to impress jalal jodha thinks what should i present to irritate jalal and sees color on servant’s dupatta and says tomorrow is holi. she gets the idea and whispers something in her ear.

Scene 4
Hoshiyar is other wives and says not only ruks is competing with you this time jodha is also participating and she has long list of winning. One wife says one was not enough that one more is present. They ask for any idea but he denies telling it saying i work for ruks only.

Scene 5
Meena bazar is all set. Jalal enters and sees different stalls he comes to the stall of ruks. Ruks shows dupatta in her stall to jalal . He says they are very beautiful jalal ask for 3 dupattas she shows him jalal make her wear one she is very happy jalal ask for reason she says you gifted me first so its special jalal buys other two . Ruks says think before buying they are very expensive jalal says what to think for you i will buy how much expensive they are it will be paid from money of kingdom as it is your day to sell and make most out of it. And your stall will going to be most expensive one for me.

Scene 6
Maham and resham sees a stall and maham thinks that ruks has arranged something special thats why there are much people on her stall resham informs that it is stall of javeda not ruks maham is shocked and thinks what she has done now and its dangerous when monkey gets the sword. She comes to her stall and sees the painting of herself with smiling face. Maham says what nonsense is this. Javeda says nobody have seen you smiling so thats why all are stunned that you look like this when you smile. Maham says i dont want anybody to any of your painting as its for me so i will buy all please shut the stall. Javeda agrees happily.

Scene 7
Salima shows jalal the perfume jalal likes it and says how do you know i will like it salima says it is duty of a wife to impress husband. Jalal gifts her one dupatta.

Scene 8
Jalal comes to the stall of jodha and says its good you accepted the tradition of harem and ask the reason behind placing colors in her stall jodha says i am not liable to tell you jalal says if you have placed the stall here so you must tell divulge the reason behind showing color on your stall. jalal ask why stall of colors jodha says you will not understand their importance just understand that colors of relation between people can change but relation with colors cant change colors are the sign of life and when two colors are mixed a new colors form but if they donot mix then mess will happen jalal gives a wicked look to her she takes the white dupatta and says this is white showing peace but it will change if any other color is thrown on it and throws pink color on it. She say colors changes the life in minute and i have showed my emotion by showing colors in my stall but you will not understand jalal smiles and says i have nothing to do with emotion but rules and rule is i have to buy something from every stall jodha ask servant to give jalal colors he says i will buy all colors from your stall as you have told me many things about colors. You know very much about colors but dont know their significance. I have bought 3 dupattas from ruks stall and the 3rd one was for you, a white one which shows the sign of peace but you have put the color on it and changes its emotion. I have no emotions but understand emotions of others i know tomorrow is holi but in palace it is not played but for a guest as her last wish i allow you to play it tomorrow. I am buying all colors and will gift you tomorrow. He leaves while jodha looks at him.

Precap- Jodha says to hamida that i dont want to destroy the rules of the palace and dont want to play holi with very much fun so can you give permission hamida says absolutely its your right and i am happy jalal is now understanding this.

Saraswatichandra 26th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud crying near the gate of her house while Saras looks on. He says you reached home, if you want me to be in peace, so make me trust that you won’t cry and will be happy always. Kumud says I will be happy, if you move ahead in your life with someone. He says I can’t make a false promise, Kumud start teaching in school again, will you? Kumud nods yes. She says go back to your dad, will you? He nods no. She says I agreed to whatever you said and you won’t say yes to me. He says I have to go. The song Tadap Tadap ke…….. plays in the background. He says take care of yourself and they both walks away from each other. Kumud and Saras cry. They stop midway and turn to see each other. They come close to each other and feel the pain of separation. Kusum sees them crying and comes to take Kumud with her.

Kumud asks Saras where will you go. He says away from your life so that I don’t trouble you. Kusum says take care of yourself. Saras says Kusum, please take care of my……. Kumud. He leaves. Vidyachatur and Guniyal read a letter and are shocked. The whole family is stunned. Vidyachatur says no one will tell this to Kumud. Guniyal says she will come to know about this and she will feel bad knowing we have hidden it from her. He says I don’t want to tell her that I m in debt. He says Kumud is giving tests at Budhidhan’s house every day, I don’t want to give her any more sufferings. Kumud comes inside the house and hears everything.

Saras is on his way back to Budhidhan’s house. He stops on the bridge and cries. He thinks about Kumud and their love and how he broke his promise. He starts missing Kumud. Kumud comes to the terrace and cries. Kusum asks what did this happen, what will we do now. Kumud says I don’t know, dad did not tell us about this. Kusum cries seeing the difficulties of life. She says where will we go if we don’t have a house. Kumud looks on and hugs her. Pramad comes to Kumud and Kusum and Kumud are shocked to see him.

Pramad apologizes to Kumud and its unbelievable for Kumud. Pramad says I was cheated by Kalika, but now I can see clearly. Kumud says I tried to tell you many times about Kalika, but you did not trust me, so why should I trust you now. Pramad says I can’t believe what Kalika did with me, she stole my assets and ran away, she cheated me. Kumud says how do you know this. Pramad says Naveen told me this. Kumud thinks about Saras’s words about getting rid of Kalika. Pramad says Kalika does not want me, but my money, but I closed the door for you, who wanted only me. He apologizes sitting on his knees and touching her feet. He asks for one chance to heal her wounds, and giving her lost respect to her. He says I have insulted your parents, I will go and apologize to them. Kumud stops him and says no need for that.

He says I can’t rectify my mistakes on my won, will you support me? Kumud is quiet. He says I hope you do, I m waiting for you in the car. He says if possible, forgive me. Kusum looks on. Pramad leaves. Kusum says what is this happening. Kumud says I don’t know but maybe its from the Lord’s side.

Alak talks to Budhidhan and says we should report to police about what happened with Kumud. Pramad’s mum says will you give your brother to police. Alak speaks against Pramad. Budhidhan says elections are ahead and it might affect us. Alak says if anyone did that with me, I would have complained to police, but Kumud did not do anything., Budhidhan praises Kumud and says maybe she thought that she should not let us get affected by Pramad’s act. Alak says whatever happened was wrong, and Pramad should get punished. She leaves.

Saras comes home. Pramad’s mum asks did you leave Kumud to your house. He nods yes. She asks why did you come late, Saras says I had some work. Saras says I wanted to tell something, the door bell rings again. Pramad’s mum and everyone are shocked to see Kumud, Kusum and Pramad together. Pramad’s mum is happy and blesses her. Saras is shocked. Pramad’s mum welcomes them and is glad to see them. She asks how did you come, is everything fine. Pramad says I went to take her. Saras looks on. Pramad’s mum says good, now everything will be fine. She hugs Kumud.

Saras asks Kumud why did you do, why did you come back. She says Pramad came to take me, so I had to come. Saras reminds her what Pramad did to her, how could you forget everything, he can’t change, you are giving him another chance, this is wrong. Saras leaves in anger. Kumud says how should I tell you.

Pramad brings Kumud to their room. She stops him outside the door and says don’t come inside, stop. She gives him pillows and blanket. He is stunned. She says I came back but not as your wife, as a bahu. Whatever you did with me that day, my soul got hurt and I cannot forget this. She says you made a promise that you will change but I will see whether you change or not, whether you do your duties as a husband. She says I can’t stay in one room with you, because my self respect matters to me. She closes the door on his face. Kumud thinks now you will see the real Kumud, who came with you back in this house.

Saras asks Kusum why did Kumud come back. Kusum says Pramad apologized. Saras says tell me everything what happened there.